17 enero, 2013

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After 12 years of experience creating more than 120 employee volunteering programs, we have developed a methodology which generates agents of change through the practice of volunteering, and maximizes value for the actors.



Our mission is to generate agents of change in society and strengthen citizenship through the practice of volunteering and volunteer management.

Over the past 11 years, Asociación Trabajo Voluntario has developed various ways of promoting employee volunteering which make the best possible use of the talent of professionals working in private companies.

Since 2005, it has promoted entrepreneurial volunteering by organizing internal competitions in companies. The results of these competitions have been outstanding in terms of the impact on the community and how much volunteers have learnt.

Asociación Trabajo Voluntario has noticed that some employee volunteers have stood out through their projects and actions; they have gone beyond merely volunteering, deciding to continue their projects on their own, replicating and increasing the impact, and working to improve their methods.  We call these individuals agents of change.

Another important lesson learned is that volunteering offers volunteers a wide range of experiences, which in turn become a source of learning and talent development. This not only has the effect of developing volunteers’ skills, but also significantly increases the impact of their social interventions.

Transformational Employee Volunteering is amodel which manages volunteering to maximize its social impact and foster the development of volunteer talent.

We believe that all companies offering volunteering programs will increase their role in society and the impact of their work if they use the Transformational Employee Volunteering model to manage their programs.



Volunteering can be managed to maximize its social impact on the community. This motivates the employee and gives them a valid alternative in their search for purpose, which has a positive effect on employee retention.

Volunteering can also be managed in order to foster the development of volunteers’ business and social skills.

Transformational Employee Volunteering is a model which manages volunteering to achieve these aims.

The experience offered by volunteering encourages the development of volunteers’ skills.  This happens spontaneously, but we manage the process. The most relevant skills developed by the model are:




•Social commitment





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