Employee volunteering and talent development

There is a new way of managing employee volunteering, which transforms it into a powerful tool for developing and retaining talent. Extensive research throughout the world shows the correlation that exists between volunteering and skill development. This is a tool which enables a large amount of employee talent to be developed at a low cost. Read more about Employee volunteering and talent development[…]

Transformational Corporate Volunteering

We are convinced that volunteering is a way of transforming volunteers and society. After more than 10 years promoting the practice of corporate volunteering, we have designed, planned and implemented over 100 volunteer programs in Peru’s main companies. Along the way, we have developed a methodology that catalyzes the transformative potential of volunteering, and therefore Read more about Transformational Corporate Volunteering[…]

How to Build a Superteam of Ordinary (But Motivated) Volunteers

Building an engaged team is not just about finding the right people; it’s also about keeping them motivated. For non-profits, that challenge becomes even bigger when working with volunteers. It can be difficult to find a model that works for your team as well as your volunteers, and an unmotivated volunteer can waste time and Read more about How to Build a Superteam of Ordinary (But Motivated) Volunteers[…]